Following a blissful 35 years of marriage, the ‘Agyinasares‘ have taken to the altar to renew their marriage vows.

Bishop Charles Agyinasare and wife, Rev Vivian Agyinasare renewed the vows on Sunday at a colourful ceremony at the Perez Chapel International.

Watched by friends, family and the congregation, the two reiterated their love for each other in the ceremony Bishop Agyinasare officiated.


Like any marriage, the two have been through both sweet and bitter moments in the journey which has been blessed with three children.

The couple walking down the aisle

“I think that it matters to affirm to your wife and assure her or your husband that; Look, the years ahead of us, we’re going to spend it together and as you do, God will confirm your word because what you say is what you get,” he said during the ceremony.

The couple cutting their anniversary cake.

Watch the video below: