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The Head of Public Health at the Veterinary Services Directorate of Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), Dr Bashiru Boye Kikimoto, has said that his comment that Ghanaians should stop buying poultry products was a slip of tongue.

Dr Kikimoto had earlier advised Ghanaians to stop buying poultry products for at least one month in the wake of the bird flu disease.

Speaking on the AM Show on Monday, he said this will help curb the spread of the highly pathogenic Avian Influenza disease, which has been recorded in the Greater Accra, Central and Volta Regions.

“What is happening currently is that the birds on sale in the market are old layers. You may be surprised that some of the birds may have been taken before the outbreak. But I advise that it is even not advisable now. It’s better we all just sacrifice for the meantime, until the situation is under control and we get the news from the Veterinary Service that, it is safe to go anywhere in the market to buy poultry products,” he advised.

But, speaking on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem, Wednesday, Dr Kikimoto said that was not what he sought to communicate.

Setting the records straight, he said the bird flu happens if one touches the birds that are sick and does not affect a person when they eat chicken, especially when well cooked.

He said despite the outbreak in parts of the country, he cannot say Ghanaians should not eat eggs or chicken.

“I never said Ghanaians should not eat eggs or chicken. You don’t get the disease when you eat these poultry products. You rather get the disease when you touch a sick bird. When you are able to cook the eggs well, the virus can even die and won’t affect any human being.

“So I think what I said was a slip of tongue. It is a wrong impression and so should be disregarded. I don’t want the poultry farmers to get angry because I never said that,” he clarified.