ghana card
Ghana card

It has emerged that about 90% of people who mass up at the National Identification Authority (NIA) are there to replace missing cards.

This is according to the NIA’s Corporate Affairs Officer, Henry Myers Aboagye, who explained that has accounted for the challenges the process has been faced with.

Customers of telecommunication companies have been directed to synchronise their details with the National Identification database.

The process includes visiting outlets of the respective operators which have resulted in winding queues.

Though NIA says it has issued cards to about 15 million Ghanaians, a lot of citizens are still struggling to either register for a new card, misplaced cards or collection.

This has generated conversation about the waste of productive hours and raised questions about the flexibility of the exercise.

But reacting to the development, on Beyi W’ano segment on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem, Mr Aboagye said the NIA replaces about 200 cards daily just at the head office.

Mr Aboagye stated the telcos could have relied solely on the NIA database.


“What the telcos are doing now is that they are matching their data with ours (NIA) and so they have to validate the Ghana cards.

“But the NIA’s L. I 2111 talks about sim re-registration and it mandates NIA to share our data with the telcos after going through certain protocols. So once they queue in your name, the details will pop up and that is the system the banks and GRA are using,” he explained.

However, he noted the law does not mandate the telcos to take data from citizens since that has been enshrined in the law as a duty of NIA and they have done that.