I am anthem happy today, and I feel like singing the St. Peters Senior High School Anthem:

“At your master’s call

You gave up your all

You followed your strength                                                                                                       

You followed Him, till the end…

The National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) has been in existence since 1994. It used to air only on GTV, and it kept millions glued to their seats every Saturday morning, particularly for those whose schools and former schools were contesting. The anxiety levels were equally high for those whose schools appear to be either losing or winning.

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Last year, the competition went to another level, as it started featuring on both TV and radio and on weekdays. It took the country by storm and left practically everyone – the initiated and uninitiated on tenterhooks. This year’s completion was no different as the enthusiasm and frenzy were even higher.

Over 135 schools across all ten regions participated in the NSMQ. There was a huge buzz across all social media platforms with #NSMQ leading the charge. The plus was, a takeover by the Multimedia Group to drive the competition across all of its platforms.

One would have thought the usual big schools, known for science and maths, were going to take advantage of the gargantuan media buzz to stamp their authority on the competition. But the likes of Mfantsipim School, Legon PRESEC, Opoku-Ware, GSTS, Holy Child and even reigning champions Prempeh College and others like them had to bow out earlier in the competition.

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By the time the completion got to the semi-finals, the only known big science and maths schools left standing were St. Peters Senior High (PERSCO), Adisadel College and reigning champions Prempeh College. The remaining schools were the likes of Mawuli Senior High, Keta SHTS, West Africa Senior High School (WASS), Krobo Girls and other relatively weaker science and maths schools.

It was expected that by the time the semis were over, at least Prempeh College was going to stand, but they fell to the powers of the Madina boys from WASS. Many had hoped that Krobo Girls, being the only girls’ school in the semis, was going to make history as the first girls’ school to make the finals but that was not to be.

Eventually, two-time winners PERSCO, one-time champions ADISCO and new comer finalist, WASS made this year’s finals. All three schools bragged about winning the trophy. ADISCO students had the loudest mouth as they practically rubbished the two other schools as no competition since the real competition like Prempeh College and PRESEC Legon were out.

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WASS students were humble enough to say since this was their first time in the finals, they were working hard to win it and make history.

PERSCO on the other hand simply said they were precious beads and they do not rattle.

Teachers and students of all the three schools watched the competition sitting at the edge of their seats. ADISCO took an early comfortable lead and everyone thought they were going to compensate for last year’s big loss. But seven-time finalists, PERSCO would soon show ADISCO their smoothness level from the third round of the competition. In the end, PERSCO emerged the third-time winner of the NSMQ.

In 2000, PERSCO beat Mfantsipim and Achimota Senior High School to win the trophy. In 2005, they beat Opoku Ware to emerge the winners that year.

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In a BettyBlueMenz Perspective, I believe this win for PERSCO was the closest shave they may have come as they beat first-time finalist WASS with just a single point. But that one point was all it took to give PERSCO the bragging rights as the winners of the most publicized, most talked about and indeed most decorated NSMQ. As first time finalist, WASS won my admiration because they made a very strong impression on everyone and they proved that indeed the school is back to its former reputation as one of the best in the country.

It is really strange how life rewards humble people with laurels and push braggarts into obscurity. In their pre-competition comments, ADISCO brags most and actually rubbished PERSCO and WASS, while PERSCO was moderate in their comment. But in the end, ADISCO could not even beat WASS.

So now let’s finish the PERSCO anthem:

You sold your boat

You let your net

You spread His name

Throughout the entire world

Give us your faith

Give us your strength

Give us your Grace

To be upright and straight

Tu es petrus

Tu es petrus

We’ll be true”


PERSCO indeed lived up to their school anthem and now they own the bragging right of the prestigious NSMQ at least for the next one year. I can’t wait to see who will muscle up next year and snatch it from them.

I rest my case here…