Eno Barony

Self-proclaimed best rapper in Ghana, Eno Barony has introduced to her fans her looks before fame welcomed her.

The 28-year-old shared a throwback photo she took way back in her final year on the Kumasi Polytechnic campus, where she unofficially started her singing career.

Eno revealed all she knew about makeup was eyeshadow and lip-gloss which soon became her signature look.

The now plus-size woman said she was obsessed with the picture such that anytime a male counterpart required for her image, they were the first she sent.

Appreciating her fame and current stature, Eno has realized she has to totally put away her former favorite way of dressing – singlet and mini skirt.


“Throw back to my final year on campus all i knew was eyeshadow and lip gloss The second pic was my favorite oo if any boy says send me a pic p3 sharp then i send am mekaas3 ma dresse aama singlet ne skirt,” she captioned the photos.

See photos below:

Eno Barony throwback photo
Eno Barony throwback photo