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Earlier this year, my friend invited me to his birthday party hosted at an upscale restaurant. It was here that I met Amanda and her gang of beautiful girls.

The night started off slow. I arrived at the venue, said hi to the host then mingled with the few guests who were already there.

Most of the guests were Michael’s workmates. In fact, one of them was the General Manager of the company where Michael works. There were a couple of big shots in attendance.

After talking to almost everyone in an effort to find someone I’d connect with, Michael pulled me aside to talk to me.

“Thank God you’ve come, Steve. I need your car. Do you still drive the Noah?” he asked.

“Yeah. But what’s this about?”

“There’s this girl who’s texted me asking me to send her and her friends an Uber.”

“What does that have to do with me?” I replied knowing he was about to ask me to go pick them up.

“Listen. These girls are on another level. We need beautiful girls at this party. Go pick them. I’ll fuel your car and you can have whichever girl you want.”

He was speaking my language. As long as he fueled my car and I got a little excitement I was willing to pick them up from Mombasa. He gave me their address and I left almost immediately. It was a bit further than I had anticipated but I had nothing better to do. Truth be told, I was about to leave the party after failing to find someone to my liking.

After about an hour and a half, I reached the address; a somewhat posh apartment located at the edge of the city. I called Amanda and let her know that I was outside. In less than a minute, a string of beautiful girls came out dressed in short party dresses. I won’t even lie, they confused me for a minute. Once they all got in the car and said their hellos, I introduced myself as Michel’s close friend even though I barely spoke to the guy.

Right from the beginning, Amanda took the lead. She sat in the front and spoke more than the others. Not to mention, she was the most beautiful girl I ever laid eyes on. Sure, the others were beautiful and there were a few beautiful girls at the party but nothing prepared me for Amanda’s beauty.

It was quite easy to fall for her charms Her piercing hazel eyes looked like they could see right through your soul. She had long, dark silky hair that she let all free and her long, skinny legs were something to behold. She was calm and composed but still flirty.

“You must be a really good friend to come all this way to pick a bunch of strangers.” She said in a sultry voice.

“Yes. Michael and I go way back.”

By way back, I meant I hadn’t talked to him since we graduated from university but she didn’t need to know that.

“What about you? How do you know Michael?” I continued.

“Well, I met him at an event that I was hosting. We talked for a while and have been friends since then.” She explained.

We chatted until we reached the party’s venue. She looked impressed by the location and even more impressed by the crowd. She made a joke about how everyone looked rich. Well, at least I thought it was a joke.

After getting drinks, the girls all scattered around the room. Amanda made her way back to me but kept looking around the room. I thought maybe she was bored so I suggested we go back to my place. Again, I didn’t expect her to be so willing but who was I to question my luck? She finished her drink and left without saying goodbye to any of her friends.

“Where do you live?” she asked

“Highrise Estate,” I answered without thinking twice.

She texted a lot and wasn’t as chatty as before. I was too excited to notice these little red flags. We finally got to my place and I welcomed her in. She asked for a glass of whiskey and I joined her in having one.

The next thing I knew, I was lying on my couch with a hangover from hell. My TV, surround system, laptop and a suitcase with my suits were all missing. At first, I was too confused to believe I had been robbed but as the day went by it finally hit me.

I tried to call Amanda’s number but it didn’t go through. I reached out to the only other person who knew her – Michael. He ignored my calls the first couple of times then answered after my tenth or eleventh attempt.

“Bro, my phone has been blowing up. I couldn’t take it.”

“First of all, don’t call me bro.” I cautioned him. “Second, how do you this Amanda chick and her friends.”

After threatening to take him to the police, he confessed that he didn’t really know the girls and that he had met Amanda on Tinder that day.

He also told me that three of his friends had called me asking about the girls and told him that they robbed them.

That’s when it hit me that those beautiful girls were a gang of thieves preying on drunk, desperate men. As always, the police weren’t much help and our guard claims he didn’t see anything. They must have bribed him for his silence.

Since that day, I’ve been wary of beautiful girls who are too willing to do whatever you ask. Though I lost some of my household items, my ego was the worst casualty.

I’ve learned to stick to my lane and when I see beautiful girls I look the other way.