A researcher and Senior High School teacher, Frank Okyere, has revealed that homosexuality is very prevalent in the Ghanaian society despite the seeming public adherence of the act.

According to him, the shocking situation is the fact that some prominent ministers of God, wives of Gospel ministers, some children in supposed highly religious homes are neck-deep in the immoral act.

Speaking on GBC’s Garden City Radio in Kumasi on findings of his latest research, Mr. Okyere disclosed also that homosexuality is as well being practiced in the formal school settings adding that some respondents of the research confirmed that they were introduced to the act at age six years by some very close blood relations, family friend or caretakers.

According to him, while some of the actors are still leading members of their churches, others are well acclaimed singers who play very instrumental roles during their church services.

Mr. Okyere noted that during the research, some of these church members said they are not the only sinners in the church saying that people still consider the other forms of sins as normal hence do not give those the attention being given to homosexuality.

Mr. Okyere, who has now become a Resource Person at Public Lectures on immorality, revealed again that the homosexuals have been organizing weddings ceremonies which they term it in their jargon as parties in the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions.

He said until the Ghanaian society boldly acknowledges the prevalence of the social canker and tackle it head on, there could be a time the problem could fester and receive legitimacy.

He attributed prevalence of the immoral act mainly to people’s high interest in pornographic content, poverty and poor parental control.

Mr. Okyere advocated the strengthening of the Guidance and Counseling Units in schools with qualified professionals and resources to direct the path of the students and also give them sound mind to study hard to pursue their future careers.