The Dormaa Area Head of Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo), John Anim Peprah, has advised the public to deal directly with its officials for meter acquisition and other services without involving middlemen.

Mr Peprah gave the advice in an interview with the media at Dormaa-Ahenkro in the Dormaa Central Municipality of the Bono Region as part of NEDCo’s day three mass revenue mobilisation exercise.

He said it was rather significant for applicants to use approved channels for meter acquisition to ensure transparency and efficiency in the process.

Mr Peprah expressed satisfaction with the progress of the exercise, saying during the first and second days, NEDCo mobilised GHC91,000.00 and GHC92,000.00 respectively.

Giving an account of the exercise on the third day, he said some locally operated institutions and companies showed commitment in settling their indebtedness.

The Presbyterian Nursing Training School settled its debt of GHC12,000.00 while the Dormaa Presbyterian Hospital paid GHC20,000.00 out of its GHC2.8 million debt, Mr Peprah said.

The rest were St Charles Farms, which paid GHC30,000.00 out of the GHC88,000.00 debt, Kusi Farms, GHC20,000.00 out of GHC40,000.00, and Gyamfi Poultry Farms cleared its entire debt of GHC85,000.00.

The Adama Musah Dry Mill also paid its total debt of GHC19,000.00, whereas power supply to a residential home at Kumikrom, near Dormaa-Ahenkro, amounting to GHC2000.00 was also paid.