Member of Parliament for Abirem constituency, John Frimpong Osei, says sexually suggestive names of towns in the Abirem Constituency of the Eastern Region will not be changed.

The MP who was speaking on Adom FM’s Morning Show Dwaso Nsem Monday said the names were given by the first settlers in those communities and are drawn from the life experiences of such individuals.

These towns may sound interesting and sexually suggestive but trust me, they are names drawn from life experiences of those who first settled in those communities, therefore, they will not and cannot be changed,” he said.

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Parliament was on Thursday morning, thrown into prolonged laughter when Mr Osei rose to ask the Energy Minister a question about the connection of some communities in his constituency to the national grid.

While his question was not exactly funny, the rather sexually suggestive names of the towns he mentioned were.

The names, including “Kote Ye Aboa,” and “Etwe nim Nyansa” got many Parliamentarians familiar with the Twi language burst into laughter as the names connote sexual innuendos upon literal translation.

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While “kote ye aboa” literally means the penis is wile, “etwe nim nyansa” literally means the vagina is wise.

But Mr Frimpong Osei believes the names of the towns, such as Hwoa Ye Mmobo (testicles are miserable) tells a lot of stories and that indeed ‘testicles are very miserable’.

He said it was important not to concentrate on the names of the towns but rather how the towns could be connected to the national grid, which he believes has hindered developmental works in those communities.

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Many Ghanaians had not heard of the villages until they were listed in parliament and they have been left wondering about the origins of the names.