Cravings is known to be a normal part of pregnancy, but an Obstetrician-Gynecologist at the 37 Military Hospital, Dr Caroline Ladzekpo has revealed that pregnant women who excessively crave for strange foods may have low iron levels.

According to her, pregnant women experience bitterness in their mouth during the early stages of Pregnancy and this, sometimes causes them to crave for certain foods they will usually not choose.

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Some women crave for very strange foods and if a pregnant woman is excessively craving for foods she would normally not eat, it could be a sign that her iron level is down and hence would need to go to the hospital for help” she revealed.

She has advised women who experience too much vomiting to sip on ORS or consult their doctors if the vomiting becomes too much.

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Dr Ladzekpo was speaking with Afia Amankwaah Tamakloe on Nyinsen Ne Awo) about the signs of Pregnancy.

Nyinsen Ne Awo) airs on Adom Fm every Sunday between 8:00-9:00 PM.


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