File photo: Sperm donor

Maverick private legal practitioner, Dr Maurice Ampaw believes spouses resort to sperm donation as a result of pressure from close relations.

Dr Ampaw believes right after marriage, pressure starts to mount on couples, especially from members of their own families over babies.

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The pressure, he pointed out on Adom TV’s morning show ‘Badwam’, could reach a tipping point and force people into the sperm donation business they are not exactly prepared for.

“If you put pressure on couples, they end up relying on sperm donors for a child. They don’t take their time. If you don’t pressure them, they will take their time and give birth at God’s own time.

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“Let’s allow marriage couples to get their children naturally but not under duress from family or society which can lead them down the wrong path,” he noted.

He also called for the regulation of fertility clinics responsible for sperm donation.

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“I want to urge our law makers in Parliament to as a matter of urgency find a way of regulating these industries or fertility clinics responsible for donating sperms so that people who are involved in it can do it willingly without any fear,” he noted.

Source: | Dorcas Abedu-Kennedy