A man who lost his pregnant wife and her triplets at the Koforidua Regional Hospital in the Eastern region is demanding justice.

The bereaved man, Samuel Mawuli, is alleging that his wife died out of “medical negligence.”

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Narrating the incident on Adom FM’s Morning Show “Dwaso Nsem” Monday, Mr. Mawuli accused nurses on duty at the Koforidua Hospital failed to attend to the late Sodzi Prisca when her condition started deteriorating.

Prisca, according to Mawuli, was initially admitted at the Suhum Government Hospital on Thursday while in labour but due to her condition, she was referred to the Regional Hospital for further attention.

Upon reaching the regional hospital, Mawuli said oxygen and intravenous infusion were administered after which she was abandoned till her situation became worse.

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He further alleges that his wife was rushed to the theater to undergo an emergency surgery after falling from a stretcher.

“Prisca complained of pain in her vaginal area and kept struggling on the bed, while oxygen and intravenous infusion had been placed on her nose and the left hand respectively”, he said in Akan.

According to him, Prisca’s sister-in-law, Afi who was with her at the time and sensing danger, rushed to the nurses at about 11 pm to complain about Prisca’s situation.

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“When Afi saw that her sister was suffering she rushed to call some nurses who were on duty but unfortunately she said she saw some of them browsing with their phones while others watched TV. They didn’t pay attention to her until one of them told her to go back and pack her things for her to be sent to the theater.

A heart-broken Mawuli said his wife, Prisca, was subsequently pronounced dead after delivering triplets [two boys and a girl] who also died shortly after.

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Mawuli has vowed to, together with his family, take on the hospital till justice is done in the matter.

“We have asked for a post-mortem so we know what actually killed her and the children. I’m very devastated and my family and I will never rest until justice is done because the hospital staff were negligent”, he said in Twi.