The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has pleaded with media organisations to grant them a minute’s airtime on their morning shows to provide civic education to Ghanaians.

It is the NCCE’s position violence and other forms of misconduct abound in the country because many Ghanaians do not know what constitutes public responsibilities while others lack an understanding of what democracy entails.

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According to the Chairperson of the NCCE, Josephine Nkrumah, a minute’s airtime from media organisations’ morning shows will help orient the mindset of Ghanaians to become responsible.

Madam Nkrumah pleaded with government to fund the commission in order to make the entity effective so they can deliver on their mandate of educating Ghanaians in the urban and rural areas.

Josephine Nkrumah made these comments at the Africa Regent Hotel where the NCCE celebrated 25 years of stable constitutional rule in Ghana.

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The Chairman of National Media Commission (NMC), Kwasi Gyan-Appenteng seconded the call of NCCE saying it is about time people got to know the history and the struggles of Ghana and how it can be protected.

According to him, when the media supports the NCCE to embark on such projects, individuals in the country will understand the in dept of the constitution, as we stop giving platforms to politicians to politick everything in the country.

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Meanwhile, some journalists also advised the NCCE to take advantage of running stories and comment in order to make them effective

They also suggested to them not to rely on government’s support and rather look to other ways of funding themselves by seeing some NGOs, individuals and philanthropists.