The Information Minister-designate, Fatima Abubakar, has strongly condemned the increasing threats and attacks on journalists, stating that these actions pose a significant risk to core democratic principles.

She highlighted that, such acts of violence endangered the lives and livelihoods of media professionals and undermined the foundations of democratic values.

To address these challenges, Ms Abubakar mentioned that, the Information Ministry had proactively implemented a Coordinated Mechanism on Safety for Journalists (CMSJ) and launched a Media Capacity Enhancement Programme (MCEP).

These initiatives aim to enhance the safety and capacity of journalists in Ghana.

Ms Abubakar made these remarks during the World Press Freedom Day celebrations held in Koforidua, in the Eastern Region.

Her statements underscored the government’s commitment to protecting press freedom and upholding democratic principles in Ghana.

She noted that the two distinct programmes rolled out by the Ministry aimed to equip journalists with the skills and resources they required to navigate the increasingly complex landscape of modern journalism, while ensuring their safety and security.

“The programmes have already yielded positive outcomes and results and to date, we have provided comprehensive training to over 140 journalists from different media houses nationwide,” she said.

According to her, the training sessions had equipped journalists with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to excel in their profession, stressing that the Ministry was committed to broadening the scope of the programmes to reach all journalists.

In addition, she said the draft Broadcasting Bill had been finalized and the Ministry was working assiduously with the committee members in parliament to ensure its timely laying before the August House.

The purpose of the Bill is to provide comprehensive legislation on broadcasting services regulated by the National Media Commission and the National Communications Authority in a manner consistent with the Constitution.

It also seeks to regulate and sanitise the broadcasting space in Ghana.