James Gyekye Quayson

The Attorney General (AG) and Minister of Justice, Godfred Yeboah Dame, has expressed satisfaction with the Supreme Court’s ruling in the case involving Assin North Member of Parliament (MP).

According to him, there must be an equal application of the law such that Mr James Gyakye Quayson suffers the same fate as former Bawku Central MP, Adamu Sankande.

“I think that there ought to be even application of the law, there ought to be an equal application of the law, the same fate that befell Adamu Sakande who was not qualified at the time that nominations were opened and we all know what happened to him.

“Subsequently, they declared him ineligible and his seat was taken away so there ought to be even application of the law,” he said while addressing the media.

Mr Sakande was sentenced to two years imprisonment for contesting the Bawku parliamentary seat though he had not denounced his UK Citizenship.

Mr Dame added the ruling was a step in the right direction with the argument that it is an affirmation of law establishing principles by the Apex Court.

He argued that each passing day Mr Quayson holds himself as MP for Assin North, the constitution is breached.

Attorney General Godfred Dame
Godfred Dame

“The Supreme Court has always exercised its powers to grant an injunction in constitutional matters. In 1996, the Supreme Court granted an injunction against the NPP in the case of Rosemary Quarm. NPP was injuncted from proceeding to elect a candidate.

“It is a Court of Law and equity, and therefore it has the right to determine whether to grant injunctions when constitutions are breached or not,” he explained.

With concerns raised over the representation of Assin North constituents in parliament, he noted he does not think that their rights to representation have been interrupted.

The Supreme Court in a majority 5-2 decision ruled that Mr James Gyakye Quayson can no longer hold himself as Assin North MP.

This decision is pending the determination of the substantive case filed against him at the Supreme Court.

An Assin North constituent, Michael Ankomah Nimfah, is challenging Mr Quayson’s eligibility as MP that he held dual citizenship prior to contesting the MP position.

Mr Nimfah’s lawyer, Frank Davies, following the ruling says the constituents are better off without a representation in Parliament because having an illegal person to lead them will be at their own disadvantage.

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