District Level Election

The Ashanti Regional Peace Council has called for a violence-free election as witnessed in Ejisu on December 7, 2024.

In a statement, the Council said, “We plead that this same commitment, diligence, and sacrifice will be replicated in the impending December 7 general elections.”

The statement called for a collective effort to ensure a peaceful and smooth process.

‘The presence of the media, the Ejisu electorates, the Ghana Police Service, independent candidates, civil society organisations, the Electoral Commission, the Regional Security Council, and observers were among the stakeholders who skillfully and competently carried out their roles to avoid any disturbances in the by-election,” the statement added.

The Council also cautioned against the practice of vote-buying and inducement, which has become more prevalent in Ghana’s election system since 2008.

“The ARPC urges the public, particularly politicians and electorates, to avoid unlawful and criminal acts as per Section 6, 252 clause(2) of Criminal Code, Act 29, which prohibits giving or agreeing to give valuable consideration to public officers.

“The law enforcement agencies should make this unethical character non-attractive in our democratic journey,” the statement added.

The Council also called the Police Service to make sure that those responsible for the violent altercations in Adugyama which left three people injured, face legal consequences in order to prevent future occurrences of this kind.

“It is from this backdrop that the Ashanti Regional Peace Council encourages all political parties to use the laid-down processes to challenge persons who do not qualify to register rather than resorting to violence at the District Registration Centers.

“The Peace Council respectfully appeals to all the people of Ghana to continue to resort to time-tested non-violent mechanisms to peacefully address any outstanding election-related complaints.”

Additionally, the Council extended a warm wishes to the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II on the celebration of his 74th birthday, 25 years as king and the 150th anniversary celebration of the Asante People following the Sagranti War.