Show host, OB and the taxi driver

Asempa FM’s multiple award winning political talkshow, ‘Ekosii Sen’ has raised over GH¢15,000 to reward the taxi driver who returned an amount of ¢8,400 to a fishmonger who forgot her money in his car.

The said amount was raised within 30 minutes through donations from benevolent listeners who were touched by the story of the taxi driver, Isaac Ackon.

Social media went agog Wednesday when the story of the taxi driver went viral.

In a video on Facebook, three women, including the victim, had embraced the taxi driver while thanking him.

“We thank you, God,” one said. Another added, “We haven’t slept all night. We are grateful you returned it, Sir. Thank you very much”.

Many on social media said Mr. Ackon deserves a reward for his honesty.

Based on this backdrop, host of Ekosii Sen, Philip Osei Bonsu praised the taxi driver for such honesty and asked benevolent listeners to help appreciate him.

“I think this young taxi driver needs to be appreciated in a big way. We have to send the signal that it pays to be honest. It is a value we should all cherish as Ghanaians. I am really proud of him” OB said on ‘Ekosii Sen‘.

Within 30 minutes, the said amount was raised.

In an interview on Ekosii Sen on Wednesday, the taxi driver expressed profound gratitude to listeners for the gesture.

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