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While many people continue to live life in shades of black and white, others are more welcoming of the greys.

A recent survey reveals that contrary to what many people may believe, some people are more willing than others to forgive their partners and give them a second chance, even if they have cheated on them.

Gleeden, an extra-marital dating app, conducted the said survey, to find the dating trends among its users, mostly in the age group of 34-49 years.

The survey saw the participation of some 1,000 users from the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad.

It was found that while infidelity is a deal-breaker for many people, many more are aware that times are changing. As such, they are willing to give their unfaithful partner a second chance.

In fact, it has been found that while 36.9 per cent of the respondents are willing to forgive their partners without any conditions, 40.1 per cent think the relationship’s future will depend on the reason behind the infidelity.

Some 23 per cent of people say they are going to call it quits if such incidents happen.

It was also found in the survey that while previously people looked for flings and casual relationships when they sought extramarital relationships, now it is a big no-no.

With people’s perspectives changing, the survey revealed that most people are “committing infidelity” when they are “trying to find a companion rather than flashy flings”.

Also, when letting someone know of their actions, most people trust their closest friends. The study states that while 37.5 per cent of Gleeden users are willing to share the secrets about their love affair with their close friends.

31.3 per cent are likely to confess to their siblings. And the remaining 31.2 per cent would like to reveal secrets to their parents and spouses, so as to get rid of the guilt.