Apostle Dr Micheal Ntumy
Apostle Dr Micheal Ntumy

A former chairman of the Church of Pentecost, Apostle Dr Michael Ntumy, has reacted to some claims that he ended in a wheel chair because he disobeyed God’s prophecy.

Contrary to the claim, the Apostle Ntumy says he is in a wheelchair as a result of a spine injury.

It followed an accident he had in 1992 during a trip to Ivory Coast.

He explained that his wife suffered broken collar bones, and he also suffered a spine injury as a result of the accident.

“So, I will like to say that many of those who say these things say it out of ignorance. My problem started in 1992 in Ivory Coast. We were involved in a car accident while on a trip.

“My wife’s collar bone broke into three, and it affected my spine without my knowledge. I carried this pain for nine years until I became chairman. The workload increased, and the problem also increased to a point, I couldn’t even stand for more than three minutes.

“When I went to for the surgery, the doctor looked at my spine and told me that ‘Dr Ntumy, you have waited for far too long. When I perform this operation, you are going to lose the use of your hands and feet. But you are going to recover. The doctor told me all this and I agreed.”

In a video which has gone viral, Apostle said the church was quick to judge instead of praying with him and his family when things were tough.

“Ghanaians know that Apostle Ntumy is a man of God…What did I hear? The stories where many and told from different angles. But the summary was that God had crashed me, he had knocked me down. Because God threw a prophetic message, had appointed a chairman for the church but I, Apostle Ntumy, refused to give the chairmanship to the one name in the prophecy.”

He further explained that, “there was a prophecy that Apostle Ntumy didn’t hand over the chairmanship to the one name in the prophecy that is why God has crashed him. But many don’t know about the electioneering system at the Church of Pentecost. When somebody’s name is mentioned in a prophecy, the executive council will sit down and discuss it, whether to accept it or not.

“The Executives Council met, including the person named in the prophecy – that Prophet J.E. Amaya. The council accepted it. The second stage is to meet the Electoral College consisting of all area heads, etc. The college also discusses it and then at that level, we vote. Only a simple majority is needed. So we didn’t reject prophet’s name… 55 voted against him, that’s no and 53 voted for him, three people didn’t vote… So only two simple votes separated Prof Ameyaw from going through,” he further elaborated.

“So, beloved members of the Church of Pentecost, Apostle Ntumy didn’t refuse to present Prophet Ameyaw’s name… We had to go back and propose Apostle Onyinah, who went through and then ended at the 3rd stage and was elected the chairman,” he added.

Dr Ntumy was the fourth Chairman of the Church of Pentecost (COP) from 1998 to 2008.