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Another fire outbreak has been recorded in Kumasi barely 24 hours after a major incident yesterday.

In this instance, fire gutted a baby shop at Adum, destroying products running into thousands of Ghana Cedis.

The fire, which started around 6:00pm on Saturday, is the second fire incident in the Adum area this weekend.

Fire destroys baby wear shop at Adum

Preliminary investigations by the Ghana National Fire Service officials revealed that the shop owner lit incense close to some petroleum products in the shop.

Regional Fire Commander, ACFO Henry Giwa, expressed worry that members of the public are not adhering to the continuous education on how to handle naked fire

Fire destroys baby wear shop at Adum

He has, therefore, advised the public to stick to fire protocols.

Fire destroys baby wear shop at Adum

Adumhene Baffour Agyei Kesse IV, who visited the affected area, admonished the tenants to adhere to fire education and sensitisation tips.