Public Health Officials of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) have ordered the closure of three chop bars for preparing their meal under unhygienic conditions.

As part of Joy FM’s Clean Ghana Campaign, Sanitation Team and District Assembly Officials stormed the Okaikoi South sub-Metropolitan District to inspect conditions under which food vendors operate.

The Inspectors found these chop bars cooking in a muddy area amidst flies and dust as they prepare to display their meals for sale.

Worse-off, the team found out that the operators also dispose off their food residue and waste materials into the drain despite warning by the Town Council.

Taken aback by what they described as an eye-sore, Head of Public Health Department of the AMA, Florence Kuukyi ordered the food should be taken off the market and disposed off.

Speaking to Adom News, one of the culprits, a local chop bar operator, Joana Arthur defended her actions, explaining the condition they met was a result of haste upon sighting the AMA officials.

Another, Opare Daniel was charged on the basis of cooking with unwashed ingredients and operating in an open space.

The third culprit took to her heels upon sighting the officials; a situation that left the taskforce with no option than to drop a summon letter and a temporary shutdown of her eatery.