Beverly Afagloe

Ghanaian actress, Beverly Afaglo, has cautioned young men and women about the realities of life versus life on social media.

The actress, has, thus, urged young people not to make a fool out of themselves.

She said this while reposting on her Instagram page a post which read “At year 25, you should be driving even if it means driving someone crazy, Just drive!!

“I saw this somewhere and it’s supposed to be funny or maybe advice to young ladies. WRONG!”


She stressed it will be a great achievement if young people diligently and decently work than to resort to the fast lane of life.

Read her post below:

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I saw this somewhere n it’s supposed to be funny or maybe an advice to young ladies …. WRONG Listen young ladies and young men, when we were growing up, the dream wasn’t to drive a car at age 25 or driving a man or woman crazy, yes we all did our bit of dating but at that age, the concentration was all about education or what’s next to better your life after school and most women had countless marriage proposals around this age 25-26,the boys were serious with school, apprenticeship of some sort or looking for a job. The youth of today have changed the game, they want to change the cycle to rather start from top or jump from 0 to 100 overnight….It’ll be a great achievement if u drive your own car at 25 and u’r proud because u worked decently and diligently for it. My dear handsome, beautiful and intelligent young men and women, don’t let social media fool u, all that glitters isn’t gold and there is honour in going thru the right Chanel to make your own money. Last year I visited the prisons and there were many young boys in prison, why? All the reason is money, women and the fast life. We all are on different journeys, u might get there but still wait for that one thing u so desire and I’ll get there later but carrying that very thing u’v been waiting for in years(idiom) …… Dear good girl, good boy,responsible young adult, I encourage u today not to give up cos someday soon your hardwork and decency will pay off 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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