The 2022 edition of the Bible and Governance Conference awards has been slated for August 4, at the Justice D.F. Annan auditorium (Job 600 Parliament house).

The event will be the fourth edition of the annual scheme organised in collaboration with the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship.

It will be on the theme: Strategising, mobilising and organising the body of Christ to give solutions in governance and other important sectors of the economy in these challenging times.

This year’s conference is very important and timely due to the challenges the world finds itself in, hence the need for men and women of God to stand in the gap to intercede.

The organisers believe that it is time for government and appointees to listen and rally the nation together in its developmental agenda to unite on one vision, job creation, dedication, sacrifice and excellent service.

The Bible and Governance Ghana is a Christian organisation which organises conferences, forum, lectures, and awards presentation.

They also assist people in Ghana, especially Members of Parliament in surveys and research.