The Minister of Gender, Children, and Social Protection has stated that nobody can sack her from the ministerial position, except President Akufo-Addo.

Sarah Adwoa-Safo said the prerogative to hire and fire in government is solely that of the President.

As a result, she is calling the bluff of those asking for her to be fired.


In an exclusive interview on JoyNews’ The Pulse, Thursday, May 26, with Blessed Sogah, the Dome-Kwabenya legislator said President Akufo-Addo would not have allowed her to be absent if she didn’t have just reason(s).

She insisted that President knows her capabilities so well, for which reason he appointed her to work in his government.

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“The prerogative lies with the President, and he knows exactly what I am capable of doing and I have done for the party, what I have done for Parliament, and he knows that I won’t intentionally abandon my duties if I had no just reasons, and he won’t allow me to stay for the family if he didn’t know exactly what is happening.”

Akufo-Addo is the only person who can sack me - Adwoa Safo
The Gender Minister, who is still not in the country, mentioned family as the cause of her absence.

On the same show, Sarah Adwoa Safo also disclosed that she has not been served any notice to appear before Parliament’s Privileges Committee.

According to her, she only heard about the issue for the first time during the interview. She added that no invitation has been sent to her.

“I have to be served. I am not aware any such thing has been given to me. I am just hearing it from you. As we speak, I don’t know that I have been invited.

Meanwhile, she says she will return to the country from the United States when her son is fit and healthy.