Akuapem Poloo

It took her a mountain of courage to approach her most revered celebrity. As she counted her steps closer to her model, tons of ‘what ifs’ were running through her mind.

This is what controversial actress Akuapem Poloo experienced when she first came face-to-face with senior actress Yvonne Nelson.

Following the cold reception she is frequently given by other female actresses, Akuapem Poloo said she had mixed feelings when she approached Yvonne Nelson at an event.

According to her, she mustered courage to initiate a conversation, which to her surprise went better than she expected.

Not only did Yvonne greet her with a smile, Poloo said she felt an instant connection and even requested to exchange contacts, which the former gladly granted.

“It is easy to get interactions with male celebrities but for the females, I suffer. When I walked to Yvonne Nelson, she did not snub me. I asked for her number and she just gave me. My sister even said she gave me the number out of courtesy since we were in public and she doubts Yvonne will answer when I call her later,” Poloo detailed in an interview.

However, her sister was put to shame. Yvonne herself gave Poloo an unexpected call barely a week after their first encounter.

This, the controversial mother-of-one said excited her and gave her hope that she could build a connection with the actress she loved watching growing up.

Furthermore, Poloo remarked that Yvonne included her in her movie production by giving her a role in the upcoming Kotoka movie.

Since then, she said Yvonne has been very good to her, unlike other on-screen personalities.