Prof Kwamena Ahwoi

The ‘Working with Rawlings’ book authored by former Minister for Local Government and Rural Development seems to be facing some credibility crisis.

This follows Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu’s four-page critique of the book, pinpointing some errors in the book and condemning the ethics used by the Prof Kwamena Ahwoi in authoring the book.

Mr Amidu further in his critique even described assertion made by the former minister as ‘irredeemable lie.’

Hours after making his critique public and promising to authoritatively prove otherwise, an allegation made against him, Koku Anyidoho – a notable political figure – has made a peculiar revelation that challenges the credibility of Prof Awhoi’s book.


Mr Anyidoho, in a tweet on Tuesday, brought to the attention of readers, a book which had not yet been published but was cited as a source or point of reference for Prof Awhoi’s ‘Working with Rawlings’ book.

Check it out: