Aside being the award-winning artiste Ghanaians know, KiDi has presented ten other facts about himself that were hitherto unknown to many.

Gracing the studio of Adom TV for the ever-entertaining Ahosepe Xtra show, KiDi accepted a challenge to answer personal questions about his childhood as well as his future.

With the condition that there will be no follow-ups on a question, host Sister Sandy, could not help but be amazed at the jaw-dropping responses provided by the musician.

Below is KiDi’s two-minute interaction with Sister Sandy:

Sister Sandy – Were your parents strict?
KiDi – Very very strict. I remember when I was little, when I get back from school dirty, my mother will hang my uniform outside so my father will see and deal with me.

Sister Sandy – Have you been in love with two people before?
KiDi – Oh yes!

Sister Sandy – What is the last lie you told?
KiDi – That I was asleep when I wasn’t. It’s always a fresh lie.

Sister Sandy – Have you ever been involved in an accident?
KiDi – Countless times

Sister Sandy – Do you trust anyone?
KiDi – No!

Sister Sandy – What will you do if you discover your son isn’t yours?
KiDi – Life goes on but I will be very hurt, no lie. Things happen, life just goes on. You live and learn.

Sister Sandy – Wake up in a celebrity’s body, who will it be?
KiDi – Drake or Chris Brown: I love their lifestyle

Sister Sandy – If you’re to choose any age for the next week, what will it be?
KiDi – 30. It’s in between young and old age. You fit both.

Sister Sandy – A week without bathing or changing clothes, which will you choose?
KiDi – Clothes; definitely not bathing