The Ahafo Regional Fire Service Command has strongly condemned the recent attack on its officers by residents of Hwidiem during a fire outbreak in the area.

Deputy Fire Commander for the Ahafo Region, DO1 Percy Odoi Anang, explained that officers from Kenyasi were viciously attacked by residents of Hwidiem when they arrived to assist in fighting a fire outbreak in the Zongo area.

The attack stemmed from residents’ frustration over what they perceived as a delayed response.

Despite efforts by the officers to explain that they were there to support their colleagues due to lack of fighting resources, residents refused to listen and proceeded to assault them.

As a result, four officers sustained severe injuries and were hospitalized at Saint Elizabeth Hospital.

DO1 Percy Odoi Anang said such actions by residents are unacceptable and unlawful.

He stressed that, the Fire Service prioritizes prompt response to fire incidents but faces challenges in areas where fire stations and equipment are lacking.

He urged residents to refrain from resorting to violence and instead support the Fire Service in their efforts to protect communities.

He further highlighted the need for understanding and cooperation from residents, particularly in areas where fire stations are scarce, emphasizing that the Fire Service relies on mutual support to effectively address fire outbreaks and ensure public safety.