Agric Minister

Minister for Food and Agriculture, Dr Afriyie Akoto, has patted the Akufo-Addo-led government on the back as he shares some achievements his sector has recorded in the last few years.

According to him, the measures the current government has been putting in place in the Agric sector are marvelous and second to none. He said this in an interview on Thursday on Adom FM.

Under the five modules of the Planting for Food and Jobs initiative, he said farmers and traders nationwide have benefited largely since produce have been made affordable.

First module is the production of food, protecting of food and production of affordable food for all in the country.

“We are protecting and producing affordable food for all, whether you are poor or rich one can afford to buy food in the country,’’ he said.

According to him, the Ministry intends to grow six fruits with the same capacity and attention given to cocoa, in a bid to supplement the revenue the government generates from farming.

“Every year Cocoa brings 2.5 billion dollars for development in the country. Palm nut, rubber, cashew nut, shea, and coffee are the six fruits they would extensively grow and develop in order to help bring more money as cocoa for development in the country,” he said.

He also revealed that under the ‘Growing of Vegetables’ module, three villages; Dawenya, Akumadaa, and Bordwease thave currently been equipped with green-house technology to grow vegetables in the country.

The intent of the government’s intervention, he stated, is to make the country self-sufficient or cut down on the import rate.

On how to reach that aim, he said some Agric students are receiving training abroad to equip them with relevant skills to accomplish the national agenda.

“Now over 600 students are receiving training in Israel and would work in various institutions in the Villages with the experience in order to help develop the country,’’ he revealed.

In all, Dr Akoto believes contributions from each module will reduce suffering on farmers and benefit the ordinary Ghanaian at large.