Spiritual leader Patricia Asieduaa, known as Agradaa, has found herself at the center of a social media storm after a gym video of her went viral.

The video captured her wearing a pair of mini gym shorts that exposed her butt cheeks, leading to a flurry of opinions and debates online.

The revealing outfit and her demeanor in the video quickly drew attention and criticism from netizens, especially considering her status as a spiritual figure.

Many individuals expressed their dissatisfaction with Agradaa’s choice of attire, arguing that it did not align with her position as a woman of God and as a married woman with children.

In response to the backlash, Agradaa remained defiant and unapologetic. She firmly stated that she was not affected by the unsolicited opinions of internet critics.

She defended her gym attire, asserting that it was suitable for the workout environment and not intended for any religious setting.

Agradaa emphasized that she understood the concept of appropriate dressing, clarifying that the outfit she wore to the gym was not something she would consider wearing on a pulpit during a spiritual service.

While some argue that individuals in spiritual roles should uphold certain standards of dress and behaviour, others supported her right to choose her attire as long as it’s appropriate for the setting.