The family of one of the pupils killed in an accident on the Adrobaa-Techire road in the Ahafo region has refused to hand over the body to the school for burial.

He was part of the pupils of the Techire DS Elites Academy who died last Friday when the vehicle, which was transporting them to school, was involved in an accident.

On Thursday, the children were laid to rest in a mass burial with all the bereaved families expected to bring their corpses.

The funeral took place at the Adrobaa-Techire school compound.

However, the child’s family refused on the basis of being Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The bereaved relatives were joined by chiefs, school kids and officials from the school to pay their respects.

Prayers were said for the children’s souls to rest in peace.

The funeral was supposed to be held for five children but four coffins were sighted.

Videos of the burial ceremony sighted show a mood of heavy grieving as the family and loved ones of the children put them to rest.