Ghanaian actor, Lil Win and the Management of Adom TV have apologised to former Chief Executive Officer of COCOBOD, Dr Stephen Opuni, for defaming him on his popular TV show ‘Don’t Think Far News’ on Adom TV.

Lil Win, known in private life as Kojo Nkansah, on March 24, 2018 showed numerous metal boxes in rooms which were filled to the brim with US$100 bundles. Without any evidence, the actor cum TV host, stated as a fact that the metal boxes filled with the notes were found in the house of Dr Opuni.

He further alleged that Dr Opuni stole the money which he had filled the rooms and predicted jail term for him.


The actor was subsequently sued by Dr Opuni together with the Multimedia Group Limited, owners of Adom TV, for GH¢ 10million for defaming him.

But as the case progresses in court, Adom TV’s Management and Lil Win have rendered an unqualified apology to Dr Opuni for the disparaging comments he made on the show.

The apology has been aired on Adom TV.

Watch video below:

Below is the original apology from Management of Adom TV to Mr Oponi:


ADOM TV, DANIEL NII ODOI TUTUWANI, producer of “Don’t Think Far News” on ADOM TV and Kojo Nkansah also known as Lil Win, the host of the said Don’t Think Far News wish to apologize to Dr. Stephen Kwabena Opuni, the former Chief Executive Officer of COCOBOD and retract the publications made in the television broadcast of the 24th day of March 2018 on the said programme “Don’t Think Far News”.

The television broadcast alleged that while in office, Dr. Opuni embezzled millions of dollars which were found stashed in his home. In the said broadcast, the host Lil Win showed a video of multiple boxes of money filled with foreign currency and stated that these boxes were found in Dr.Opuni’s house. We state that it is not true that any such money or boxes of money were found in Dr. Opuni’s house. It was also alleged that this sum of money was used to construct an extravagant home and to build a lavish tomb for Dr. Opuni’s deceased mother. The publications in the broadcast were untrue and without any basis whatsoever and ought not to have been published.

We hereby retract the false publication completely and render an unqualified apology to Dr. Stephen Kwabena Opuni for the embarrassment, scorn, ridicule, harassment and insults occasioned by the said publication. 



  GENERAL MANAGER – ADOM TV