Mother of Liberian-born Ghanaian actor, Eddie Watson, Madam Caulker, has died.

Taking to Instagram, the filmmaker revealed his mother passed away on Thursday leaving him heartbroken.

Mr Watson posted a video of himself and his mum on different occasions including the hospital and a picture of when he was a boy.

In the emotional video, Mr Watson is seen beside his ‘first love’, showering her with kisses, even on her death bed.

His post read: “Thank you, mama, for the few months of laughter, tears and peace you came to share with me. Death took your body, but it sure did not take your spirit (the real you)! I know the real you, Leonora Caulker AKA Mama Leo, rest in the bosom of your maker! Love you eternally.”


Friends, fans and family have sent in their condolences to the actor with many reaching out to him with words of comfort under his post.