The CHPS compound

Health officer in charge of Abourkrom Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compound in the Bono Region is appealing to the government for a face-lift of the facility.

According to Evans Kwang, the CHPS compound lacks basic health amenities which make service delivery to patients difficult.

Additionally, he revealed they are faced with a huge challenge of working without water since the establishment of the facility, adding that relatives bring water along for the treatments of patients.


“The workers have to rely on the town folks for water and the relatives of those who come to the facility to deliver have to bring their own water from their various homes before treatment is administered,” he told Adom News.

Evans Kwang is worried that should there be a case of an epidemic outbreak, the compound will find difficulties in handling the situation due to lack of water.

Furthermore, he is therefore appealing to the government to raise the status of their facility to an ultra-modern hospital.