As part of an ongoing investigation into the Ellembelle excavators, the Police have arrested five Chinese nationals for their alleged involvement.

This was through an intelligence-led operation from the night of 7th September till the dawn of 8th September 2022.

The suspects have been identified as Shi zhong Qix, Wei Lin Xi, Huang Qian Xi, Li Jian Wen and Huang Qian Sheng, who were arrested at their hideout at Asiama, in the Ellembe District of the Western Region.

The police in a statement indicated the Ghana Immigration Service has been contacted for details of their immigration status and their Ghanaian sponsors to assist with the investigation.

“As investigation continues, we would like to assure the public that all other accomplices, both Ghanaian and foreigners will be arrested and brought to face justice,” the statement noted.

Meanwhile, the District Chief Executive of Ellembelle, Kwasi Bonzo, who was arrested on Wednesday, has been granted police enquiry bail.

Mr Bonzoh has been charged with five counts and is expected to appear before Takoradi Habour Circuit court.

The charges include assault, conspiracy to assault, resisting arrest and two others.

Below is the full statement: