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Asthma happens when the lining of the airways becomes inflamed and it could be deadly.

4 common foods to avoid if you have Asthma. [theculinaryexchange]
Four common foods to avoid if you have Asthma. [theculinaryexchange]

When asthma occurs, thicker mucus is produced and the lining of the airways become inflamed and swollen.

Not every asthma comes severe (although it’s a condition that should be given proper attention to) there are mild cases that occur once in a long while.

The more serious cases that happen often and unannounced, those should be given immediate attention.

Asthma presents symptoms like tight chest, shortness of breath, persistent cough, wheezing and more and a lot of things trigger it including weather, dust and food.

For food these ones are to be avoided as much as possible:

1. Beer, Wine, Hard Cider and Tea

The sulfites they contain make breathing difficult which could set up a bad reaction.

2. Shrimps (frozen)

Frozen shrimps are no-nos for people with asthma as the preservative/additive in frozen ones contains sulfites that can trigger a deadly episode of the condition.


3. Dried fruits/Vegetables

Dried veggies and fruits/snacks get in the way of normal breathing apart from being obviously choking, they can trigger asthma episodes.

4. French fries/Fried yam

These fried foods trigger asthma, if you have this condition it’s better to eat these foods baked instead of fried.