Shatta Wale

Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale, has reacted after the chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), Rex Omar, disclosed that he has over GH¢ 30,000 to collect as music royalties.

According to him, that is the highest amount of money GHAMRO has given out in its history.

But reacting to this, Shatta Wale rendered the said amount as an insult to his music career after thanking the same office for being transparent with their work.

In an earlier tweet, the musician, detailing what he will use the money for said he will file for his tax because Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has been on his neck.

I am using all this money to file my tax cuz I can’t bare the pressure anymore from GRA… No money in our industry and the little we make too the system takes it … Thank you GHAMRO for this transparency!!

He further advised his colleague musicians to stand up against the system because they deserve more than what is being paid to them.

He said 30k is an insult to my entire music career !!! But this one as usual Ghana artiste will sit down and won’t voice out !! Ego reach your turn !!! I came out before most of your so-called artistes so start crying for them cuz truth be told we all not making any money here🥂👑

The Shatta Movement boss also called on the Ghanaian leaders to pay mind to the entertainment industry.

0k for 15yrs of music …ah Ghana, why? Our leaders why …what have we done to you. Then KiDi en 3years dierr 0.50pesewas oo😂.