File photo: Crime

An illegal morgue where deceased k!dnapped victims are deposited has been uncovered inside an abandoned General Hospital in Nigeria.

Following a tip-off, the chairman of the local government council, Dr Chidi and security operatives raided the illegal mortuary on Wednesday, January 26, 2022. 

During the raid, they discovered 30 decomposing bodies, and a storage house for illegally refined petroleum products by illegal artisanal refiners.

The Council chairman was told that kidnapped victims who died through torture, hunger and gun wounds in the custody of their abductors are usually deposited inside of the abandoned general hospital.

Irked by the number of already decaying corpses deposited inside a particular building in the hospital, the council chairman ordered the security personnel to search the entire hospital, during which the syndicate and illegal occupant of the hospital were apprehended in their hideout.

Some illegal oil refiners and two drivers who were caught transporting illegally refined petroleum products at Rumuekpe junction along the East-West road, were also arrested.