Public Health Officers of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) have successfully arrested three Nigeriens for allegedly peddling aphrodisiacs and an unidentified liquid substance purported to be a “heart cleanser”.

The suspects have been identified as Ibrahim Bashiru 25 years, Mohammed Abu Qassim 27 years and Abdul Salam Abass 27 years.

They were arrested for retailing unlicensed medicines to the public on Friday after a tip-off and are currently in police custody assisting with investigations to determine the origin and composition of the substance.

They will subsequently be arraigned in court.

Speaking to the media after the arrest, the Head of Public Affairs at the AMA, Gilbert Ankrah said the confiscated substance raised immediate concerns as it lacked proper labelling, manufacturing details, and expiration dates adding that the suspects would face the full rigours of the law.

He said during initial examinations, the liquid caused the melting of a plastic takeaway pack when it was poured on it, adding a new dimension to the potential health hazards associated with the substance.

He noted that, the AMA was collaborating with the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) as well as relevant agencies to assess the full extent of the public health risk posed by the illicit substance.

Mr Ankrah added that, AMA was committed to ensuring a thorough investigation and taking necessary actions to prevent further harm to the public.

He assured stringent enforcement and proactive measures from the AMA to protect the well-being of the city and ensure an Accra where all can Live In and Love It. 

The Head of the Public Health Department at the AMA, Florence Kuukyi also cautioned that consuming such unapproved medications and substances could lead to heart and liver kidney diseases urging the public to desist from patronising these unlicensed drugs.

“When the men drink it I hear you feel some burning sensation around your heart thinking it’s cleansing it but rather causing serious havoc, ” she said.

She hinted at plans by her outfit to embark on an operation aimed at eradicating illegal drug peddlers from the city adding that the AMA would work closely with the Food and Drugs Authority to guarantee stringent compliance with this initiative.

 She emphasized that, in contrast to its previously discreet enforcement, this year’s operation will be actively promoted to foster public awareness and establish a clear agenda.