Senior Political Science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Asah-Asante, has stated that the ongoing intermittent power outages may negatively affect the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the December 7 general elections. 

In an interview on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem on Tuesday, Dr. Asah-Asante highlighted the significance of energy-related issues in shaping voters’ decisions.

He mentioned that in 2016, the NPP benefited from dumsor,  a major campaign issue that caused the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to lose power. 

However, the political scientist suggested that history seems to be repeating itself, and the ongoing energy crisis could have a significant impact on the NPP’s chances.

“The current crisis will affect the NPP. The NPP rode on dumsor in 2016 against the NDC, which led to them leaving office. What goes around comes around and now they find themselves in it,” he said. 

Dr. Asah-Asante emphasized that, voters prioritize various factors such as the economy, infrastructure development, youth unemployment, healthcare, corruption, and education when casting their ballots.

“Certain factors influence voters the economy, infrastructure development; roads, potable water, etc. These things matter to the electorate. Voters are interested in who can help fight the menace of youth unemployment, health, corruption, and education. 

“National, Constituency and Regional issues add to the voter decision. In all 14 factors come to play and energy is a part of it. Because without light, your life can come to a grind,” he said.