File photo: Pupils writing BECE

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has now released 21,458 out of the 22,270 Basic Education Certificate Examination(BECE) candidates whose results were initially withheld due to mass cheating.

Starting from Monday, December 11, 2023, these candidates can check their placement.

However, the results of the remaining 812 candidates are still being withheld. Cassandra Twum Ampofo, the Public Relations Officer for the Ghana Education Service, clarified that the cleared results have been processed, allowing candidates to access their placements.

She stated, “We have 21,458 thousand released and we have worked on them. So, by Monday if they check on the portal, they will see their placement.”

“Initially, all those candidates could not access their placement but now they can. Now we have 812 candidates whose results are yet to be released and we will work on that.”

In November, WAEC cancelled the Subject Results of 312 school candidates and 3 private candidates due to reported cases of using foreign materials like prepared notes and textbooks during the examination.

The decision followed investigations into irregularities detected during the examination and marking of scripts.

WAEC disclosed that the 34th Meeting of the Final Awards and Examiners’ Appointment Committee for BECE, held on Monday, 6th November 2023, approved the cancellation of “the Entire Results of 41 school candidates and 1 private candidate for possession of mobile phones in the examination hall.”

Additionally, they withheld the “Subject Results of 180 school candidates and 4 private candidates for various suspected offences as well as the Entire Results of 110 school candidates and 2 private candidates for various suspected offences.”

The examining body is scrutinising the scripts of 22,270 candidates in certain subjects for reporting cases of mass cheating, with the possibility of cancelling or releasing their results based on the outcome of the investigations.