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One person is reported dead and two others have been injured after armed robbers raided a tricycle (aboboyaa) at Yeji.

The victims were travelling from Kumasi to Semuchu, a suburb of of Yeji, while returning home after a market activity in the district.

One of the victims, and a sister to the deceased narrated to Adom News’ Tachie Daniel that upon getting to a lone street, they noticed a group of men flashing torch lights.

Upon getting close to the site, the robbers, without questioning or hesitation, started firing indiscriminately, and the bullet penetrated the deceased who was the driver.

She added that the robbers searched her brother’s pocket and removed all monies, before searching the tricycle and making away with the her bag.

Another passenger, who attempted to flee, was shot at, but he still managed to crawl to Yeji Number One Police station, which is close by.

The witness continued that some persons, believed to be soldiers, arrived and asked them to play dead, while they trap the robbers, under the pretext of riding a passenger car.

The ploy was, however, unsuccessful, and she said the soldiers returned to transport them to the Mathias Hospital.

The body has been deposited at Mathias Hospital morgue at Yeji for further investigation.