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Zimbabwe: Mysterious used coffin discovered behind locked door in SHS


In a weird twist of events, a used coffin was discovered in one of Harare’s oldest high schools, raising eyebrows and leaving everyone puzzled.

The mysterious finding was stumbled upon by district education officials at Girls High School, who had to resort to breaking down the door to gain entry after being denied access by the school authorities.

Now, investigations are in full swing to uncover the origins of the coffin and the identity of those responsible for placing it there.

Curiously, no information has been reported about what happened to the body that was inside the coffin, and its disposal remains unresolved.

Several intriguing questions arise from this strange situation of what became of the body that was once in the coffin? Who closed the room and when did they do it? What were the reasons behind former staff members sneaking into the premises at night?

In response to inquiries, Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education spokesperson, Taungana Ndoro, confirmed the incident and assured that investigations are actively underway.

“Investigations are underway since no one is aware of when the wooden coffin was placed in that room and the person who placed it. There was no formal report made and the wooden coffin is yet to be disposed of,” said Ndoro.

A source who spoke to H-Metro revealed that the room had always been locked long before the current headmistress arrived at the school. When the coffin was discovered, it came to light that one of the school’s former staff members had visited the room.

“The room was always closed for years long before the current headmistress came. Suspicion arose when the coffin was discovered with reports that one of the former staff members visited the room during the night. Her mission could not be ascertained and people were quick to point a finger. Questions that remain unanswered are, when was the coffin placed, where was the body taken to, who placed it and why that room was a no-go area for years?” the source told the tabloid.

When H-Metro visited the school, the headmistress stated that she was not present when the coffin was found.

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