Musician Sister Afia is not taking it lightly with socialite Efia Odo as she sends her to the cleaners in a second lap of their online banter.

It is unclear what sparked the latest feud, but the ladies have thrown direct jabs at each other on Twitter, with Sista Afia threatening to go physical.

Per the tweets, it is safe to say that Sista Afia is displeased with her contender always body-shaming her at the least provocation.

According to the singer, she had plans of “disciplining” Efia Odo but her team talked her out of her unprofessional decision.

However, as Efia Odo does not want to pull her brakes, Sista Afia is back to that agenda and has threatened to throw a punch when they meet face-to-face.

In a rebuttal, the socialist defended she only spoke about Sista Afia’s face and not her body.

In her words, it’s not her fault Sista Afia looks like that.

The duo had been on each others throat some months ago after Efia Odo tagged the singer as irrelevant.

It is believed Efia Odo’s constant shaming is the reason the musician allegedly went under the knife.