Prophet Dr Kofi Oduro

Founder and Leader of Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Dr Kofi Oduro has lambasted ‘Mama Gee’ and customers who patronise her products.

According to the outspoken man of God, women who buy the products and use them will surely burn in hell.

He said “you and your vagina will burn in hell. We are determined to preach salvation and eternal life to the people of God not unnecessary products like pussy tightening drugs.Your vagina will burn in hell. All these are Jezebelic and witchcraft. Jezebel is in our country and after the men,” Prophet Oduro stated.

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This came after ‘Mama Gee’, originally known as Elizabeth Torgbor, was arrested by the Food and Drugs Authority and the police for selling unapproved herbal drugs.

According to ‘Mama Gee’, the herbal products she sells make the vagina sweeter and tighter during sex.

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She said women who use her products can get whatever is needed from men.

Interestingly, some of the ladies who patronise the unapproved herbal products have testified that the drugs work perfectly for them.

Well, ‘Mama Gee’ is likely to face 16 to 25 years imprisonment if found guilty of selling unapproved drugs.