File Photo: Suicide
File Photo: Suicide

A 21-year-old father of one has killed himself after feeling lonely and neglected during the lockdown over coronavirus.

The British man, whose family is from Lampeter, Cardiganshire, was found dead after sending a “goodbye” message to his mother Polly and his close friends on April 1.

His 26-year old sister Autumn told local media that Gale, “struggled” when the coronavirus lockdown left him without the people ‘who cared about him’.

“He had so many friends and family who cared about him but when the rules started he lost that huge support system,” she said.

Man kills himself over coronavirus
21 year old Red Gale

Gale told his mother in the goodbye message that he didn’t think he could make it through the lockdown without his “huge support system” of friends.

Polly, Gale’s mother in a tribute to her son, published by Wales Online said “‘You had a soft, warm and loving heart.

“A heart that would fiercely protect the vulnerable, because you understood how it felt. You lived with a wounded heart for far too long and I wished everyday that the universe would protect you to heal that beautiful heart of yours.”


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Gale’s sister said: “My brother was funny, loyal and thoughtful, he went above and beyond for so many people, especially people who were struggling with their own mental health.”

So many of his friends have said that he pulled them out of a deep dark place a number of times and he was a caring dad to his daughter.

He had been struggling with his mental health for a couple of years and was let down so many times. His friends and family, we were all fighting for him but he couldn’t do it anymore and gave up the fight.

Gale’s family want more action and support for people who are struggling with their mental health, especially during the lockdown.

“He was let down, we reached out to services, GPs, hotlines and everything but as soon as the pandemic started it felt like he was being passed around and that they closed the doors on him”, Autumn said adding “everything was about the virus.”