Reverend Father recorded kissing female students
Reverend Father recorded kissing female students

The International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA-Ghana) has condemned the Anglican Priest involved in the kissing incident at St. Monica’s College of Education.

FIDA-Ghana, therefore, backed actions taken by the Anglican Church against the Priest.

In an August 18 statement, FIDA explained that “for far too long, the issue of sexual harassment has been at best sidelined and at worst silenced in the church.”

“The reality though is that sexual harassment and abuse by clerics has been in the news for quite a while due to undue influence, duress and fear of religious authority. Though religious authority is regarded highly in Ghana, it should not be used as a cloak to oppress and abuse women and girls who most often need the protection of these clerics,” the statement said.

Lauding the Anglican Church’s action against the Chaplain, FIDA further urged, “women and girls who have been sexually harassed in churches to come out with their experiences in order to raise awareness of these despicable acts.”

The communique, signed by FIDA-Ghana President, Afua Brown-Eyeson, further encouraged all institutions to commit to promoting an environment that is free of sexual harassment and its related offenses.

Below is the full statement:

Fida-gh Statement on Holy Kiss by Dennis Adu on Scribd