Wife buries dead husband with live snake in Ghana

A Ghanaian woman, who went viral after she was captured burying her late husband with a live python, has explained why she placed it in her hubby’s casket.

Speaking in an interview on Neat FM, she debunked claims that her husband had cheated on her.

There were claims that she buried the snake with her husband because the snake supposedly killed him whilst others also said her late husband cheated on her.


Netizens made these assertions after she was spotted with the live python hanging around her neck until it was time to say her final words as pallbearers prepare to carry the remains of her late husband to its final resting place.

A voiceover in the video narrating why she embarked on the ritual said the snake bit the tongue of the deceased and that was how he met his untimely death, thus, she thought it apt to bury him with what killed him.

Listen to the woman in audio above: