File photo: Wedding

A young Chinese woman allegedly quit her job of five years after being disappointed that only one of the seventy coworkers she invited to her wedding actually attended.

Chinese news outlet ETtoday recently featured the unusual story of a young woman who took to social media to complain about being humiliated by her coworkers on the happiest day of her life.

The unknown woman had reportedly been working for the same company for five years and felt that she had a good relationship with her coworkers.

She had attended the weddings of a third of her 70 colleagues, so when she decided to tie the knot, she was convinced that most of them would want to be there on her big day…

The woman was so sure of her coworkers’ support that she decided to invite all of them to the wedding, fearing that those she didn’t invite would feel left out.

It’s unclear if the guestsvwere required to notify the newlyweds of their presence at the wedding, but one thing is for sure, the bride expected them to be there.

She had six tables reserved for them, but out of the 70 seats, only one was actually occupied.

The only coworker to attend the woman’s wedding was apparently her apprentice, who probably felt obligated to be there.

The bride wrote on Weibo that she felt humiliated in front of all the guests, especially her husband’s family and that she couldn’t help but keep her head down the entire day.

After the wedding, the woman reportedly resigned, because she couldn’t keep working with the people who had humiliated her on her wedding day.

The story went viral in China, dividing netizens into two camps, one that agreed with the scorned woman and her decision to leave the company, and another that blamed her for setting her expectations too high.