In a distressing incident that unfolded in Kasoa, located in the Awutu Senya East Municipality of the Central Region, Faustina Richter, a 35-year-old woman, finds herself on the brink of losing a finger.

This was after purchasing a wedding ring from a close friend to replace her lost one.

Faustina shared her harrowing experience with Adom News, revealing that she had lost her original ring several months ago and opted to acquire a replacement from a friend who trades in jewelry.

Although the ring felt slightly tight on her finger, she disregarded it, assuming it was due to her extended break from wearing one.

“We were attending a funeral on Saturday, so I decided to wear the new ring. However, upon our return, I found myself unable to remove it,” Faustina recounted.

The following day, she awoke to discover her finger had swelled significantly, and all her attempts to extricate the ring proved futile.

It was not until medical professionals from Kasoa Mother and Child Hospital intervened, supported by fervent prayers from a group of pastors, that the ring could finally be cut off.

Nii Aryee Richster, Faustina’s husband, expressed his shock upon witnessing the condition of his wife’s finger.

“It seemed as though her finger had been shackled. I applied shea butter numerous times, but it had no effect. We even attempted using a hacksaw blade, which proved unsuccessful. Eventually, we resorted to a padlock cutter to remove the ring. It was an incredibly unusual situation, but we are grateful to God that it has now been resolved,” he added.